LED lampshade 30w automatic rotating cnc fiber laser marking machine price
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LED lampshade 30w automatic rotating cnc fiber laser marking machine price

LED lamp is an electroluminescent light-emitting chip of semiconductor material with silver glue or glue curing to the bracket, connecting a chip and a circuit board and then with silver or gold. Sealed with epoxy resin around, to protect the internal core function. Finally install the shell, so the seismic resistance of LED lamp can be good.

LED lampshade 30w automatic rotating cnc fiber laser marking machine price

LED lamp automatic rotating fiber laser marking machine with 8 rotary automatic marking. The LED lampshade marking cnc adopts the fiber laser output laser, then through the ultra-high speed scanning galvanometer system to achieve marking function. The electro-optical conversion efficiency of LED lampshade laser marking machine is high. The fiber laser marker machine for marking LED lampshade adopts air cooling, the volume small, the output beam quality, high reliability, long running life, energy saving and environmental protection. Cooperate with automatic fixture to improve marking efficiency and save labor cost with 30w fiber laser cnc.

Introduction of the integral structure of the automatic rotating laser marking cnc machine for LED energy saving lamps:

1. the whole fiber laser marker cnc machine is made up of two parts: the eight position rotating disk and one cnc fiber laser marker

2. the laser head of cnc laser machine can be adjusted by rotation, vertical marking or horizontal marking can be operated conveniently.

3. Multi station turntable fixture design of cheap cnc laser machine price, one can also put on 8 products for automatic rotary feeding, each station can automatically rotate marking, while cnc laser marking machine can save manpower and material, than ordinary laser cnc marker, and improve production efficiency

4. 30w fiber laser cnc machine for the turntable is the use of universal fixture. So cnc marker laser machine for marking LED lampshade can be suitable for all kinds of ball cannon lampshade processing without changing the fixture.

LED lampshade cnc marking.

LED lampshade marking machine advantage:

1. automatic feeding, save manpower, improve production efficiency.

2. the splitter makes positioning very precise.

3. can be equipped with automatic feeding and unloading device.

4. the utility model has the advantages of low cost, small energy consumption, high efficiency and great cost saving.

5. no pollution no radiation, energy saving and environmental protection, free maintenance, use less stable fault.

Application Industries:

Lighting, energy-saving lamps, household lamp, lamp and other metal products, plastic products such as marking. Mobile phone keys, plastictranslucent keys, electronic components, electrical appliances, communication products, sanitary ware, tools, accessories, tools, watches, jewelry, auto parts, luggagebuckles aluminum cookware, stainless steel products industry and so on.


The LED lampshade laser marking machine with 8 station automatic feeding. And automatic rotating laser marking cnc can save manpower and improve production efficiency. The LED lampshade cnc marking is widely used in the lighting industry, stable and durable.

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