JPT Mopa 20w color marking cnc fiber laser machine for stainless steel
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JPT Mopa 20w color marking cnc fiber laser machine for stainless steel

JPT Mopa 20w color marking machine is specially designed for marking on stainless steel, and is the only one laser machine can realize marking with color. This fiber laser marking machine is small size,low maintenance cost,and good performance. If you interested in this fiber laser color printing machine,please contact us immediately.
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 Stainless steel is an essential engineering material in the manufacture,its use is very extensive, 

covering many aspects of processing industry.The wide application of stainless steel makes fiber laser marking machine become increasingly popular in the market.Especially in recent days,the stainless steel color printing,has been greatly sought after by the advertising and handicraft industry.

 Information marks are needed as to many stainless steel products and components,such as simple production dates and numbers,as well as relatively high-precision bar codes and two-dimensional code.Whether it is single line, outline or filling fonts,as long as it can be shown on the drawings,you definitely can mark it on the stainless steel through Dekcel fiber laser marking machine.Withcnc fiber laser marker,the stainless steel has a detailed identity information".

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 Advantages of cnc fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine can do marking job,with low maintenance costs,long service life,convenient operation  and fine marking effect,effectively guarantee the efficient labeling of stainless steel.

1.high-quality configuration,reasonable price,good performance,good service,high performance.The digital high-speed galvanometer has the advantages of small size, high speed,excellent stability,good spot quality,uniform optical power density and stable output optical power.

2.modular design,flexible operation

It provides XY mobile workbench,rotating claw plate fixture,rotating disk workbench and so on for users to freely choose.

3.Advanced control motherboards and software,cost-effective,easy to learn and operate.

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