Foam shoe cut by co2 laser cutter cnc machine low price for sale
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Foam shoe cut by co2 laser cutter cnc machine low price for sale

In our life, the bottom of many shoes is made of foam material. And we all know the shoes made of foam bottom are very light to wear. Walking on foot is comfortable and feels like nothing and relieved a gravity of the foot. Now, people wear their shoes with foam bottom more and more. So, as a laser cnc cutter machine used, to choose a suitable foam cut machine is important.

Foam shoe cut by co2 laser cutter cnc machine low price for sale

You know our Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Co., Ltd has developed foam cut machine for cutting foam shoe. Because more and more people like to wear shoes made of foam bottom. So, our company cnc cutter laser low price for sale. This article mainly introduce how the foam shoe laser cutter work and our co2 laser machine cnc features.

Firstly, Laser cutter cnc machines are ideal for cutting foam shoe materials. The foam shoe cutter cnc laser machine adopts in a non-contact manner. So that the foam shoe material does not deform or damage when the laser foam cutting cnc machine working. Co2 laser heat of the cnc laser cutter cuts the sealing edge. The edges are clean and smooth when you cut. As a cnc laser foam cutter used you don't need to reprocess. Excellent results in cutting foams, laser machining machines are widely used in cutting foams in some art applications.


And the features of our co2 laser cutting machine for foam you need know.

1. For laser tube, we use Reci brand which is famous brand in our country and very popular among customers. Its lifetime is 3 times longer than common laser tubes.

2. We use Taiwan Hiwin linear rail for transmission, to ensure high precision, faster speed, lower noise and its lifetime is 10 times longer than common rail ways.

3. We use stepper motor, providing enough power, ensuring high speed of laser cutter for foam.

4. we have two kinds of worktable: blade table for hard material like wood, acrylic, helping small cut pieces fall off. And honeycomb worktable for soft material like leather, cloth, to keep the material as flat as possible ensuring cutting effect. If you work on both hard and soft material, we can make the table with double use.

5. Red light do will help position the laser, protecting operator and so on.

foam shoe cut laser machine


In addition, Jinan Dekcel Cnc Equipment Co., Ltd provide good after sales.

Dear, if you are interested in foam cnc cutter machine for your work, or have any question. Please contact me as soon as possible. I will support service 24 hour online.

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