Cnc plasma cutting router machine for metal brass industry
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Cnc plasma cutting router machine for metal brass industry

The brass is widely used in our life. You can see the brass products anywhere. So if you are a manufacturer for brass, congratulations. But, do you know how to choose a suitable plasma cutting machine for your works. Ok, DEKCEL CNC will tell you.

Cnc plasma cutting router machine for metal brass industry

Cnc plasma cutting router machine for metal brass is popular to manufacturers increasingly. If you choose a suitable cnc plasma cutting machine for your works, you will improve your efficiency and competitiveness. So Jinan Dekcel CNc will tell you how yo choose a cnc plasma cutting router for your business.

metal brass cnc plasma cutting machineOne. Cnc plasma cutting machine for metal brass

1. Welded structure of thickening square tube, together with Taiwan imported guide rail to ensure running speed and accuracy.

2. Power supply adjusts current according to different thickness of the material to ensure cutting materials without burr.

Applicable industry: advertising industry, arts and handicrafts cutting, metal plate cutting.

3. processed materials of small and neat kerf ,without secondary processing.

4. Cutting head with cooling system can quickly cool surface of material to avoid burr and residue.

5. Advanced digital control system, large capacity storing function, convenient to read and process.

6. Compatible software

Two.  The plasma cutting brass cnc machine is equipped with the Hypertherm Micro Edge Pro touch screen CNC with easy to use functions such as: Cutpro wizard, cutting optimization tips, built in process data bank allowing the operator to select the material type and thickness.

1. Easy installation

2.Precision Linear Rail Guide Ways in X and Y axis

3. Dual side AC servo Y motorization with direct planetary gear box, helical rack and pinion drive system

4. Hypertherm Micro Edge Pro CNC

5. Integrated dross bins

6. High speed torch lifter with automatic arc voltage height control

7. Fully enclosed hose and cable carriers

8. CE safety specifications

9. Magnetic Torch anti collision protection system


1. what is your materials name

2. what is your materials size or dimension

3. what do you want to do on your materials

4. our team will supply best professional solutions, then quote you with suitable configurations and reasonable price. Machine color is up to you!

5.It is better to send us your materials (If materials is special) or We will make an effort to look for materials same as yours, Then we do a sample and test for you. Pictures or videos taken for your reference after that.

 If you are interested in this metal brass cnc plasma cutting router or have any question. Please contact DEKCEL CNC as soon as possible. We will support service 24 hours online.



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