Cnc co2 laser cutting or engraving machine for MDF plate and furniture
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Cnc co2 laser cutting or engraving machine for MDF plate and furniture

as we all know, MDF is a useful material for furniture industry, advertising industry, construction industry etc. co2 laser cutter and engraver can produce many kinds MDF products. we will discuss the working skills during the processing period. Enjoy.
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How to choose proper co2  laser power when cutting or engraving MDF plate and funiture

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MDF is mainly used to strengthen the wooden floor, door, partition and the mixed oil process for the furniture; Generally speaking, furniture mainly uses MDF with middle density. It is the high density board density is easy to crack. So there is no way to make furniture. The high density MDF board is used for indoor and outdoor decoration, office furniture, sound, and civilian vehicle interior decoration materials and can also be used as the anti-static flooring of computer room , wall panels, anti-theft door, wall, partition etc. It is also a good material for packing.

When it comes to the producing technology of MDF crafts, the first and best choice is co2 laser cutter and engraver for nonmetal. Normally, for cutting depth, the 80w reci co2 laser power can cut 7mm; the 100w is for 9mm; the 130w for 13mm and the 150w for 20mm. So DEKCEL cnc company provides China good price cnc laser MDF cutting machine and for those countries which have high standard for envirment, we recommend Cnc laser cutter with fume extractor.

When it comes to make photo frame, we need to engrave the patterns first, then cutting the outline off. So it requires both the high precision and fast speed.  

During the cutting period, we need to use big air blow to avoid the burned situation,just like the ways of cutting wood. As for the engraving approach, it is better to use small laser power. The small the power is, the thin the laser beam will be. The better the carving effect will be.

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