China 100w 150w cnc co2 laser cutter for cutting leather or fabric sofa cloth
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China 100w 150w cnc co2 laser cutter for cutting leather or fabric sofa cloth

as we all know, sofa plays an important role in people's daily life. it offers us a cozy place to rest. How to make sofa cloth? what kind of machine will be best suitable for it? this passage will give you the answer.
  • DEK-150W


China 100w 150w co2 laser cutter--the best choice for cutting  leather or fabric sofa cloth

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First, it has a firm body structure. Because of the processing area of 1500*3000mm, the sofa cloth co2 laser cutting machine must be equipped with the strong welding structure, servo or stepper motor to not only consolidate the body, but also can ensure the stability of machine. It operates smoothly during the rapid feeding operations.

Second, the DEKCEL CO2 laser cutter for leather sofa cloth is with flexible configurations. In order to meet the different material processing demands, the machine standard laser head can be selected 80-130W and laser cutting control system can preserve 128 offline files which is very convenient for customer operations.

Third, the 100w 130w co2 laser engraving and cutting machine for fabric sofa in line with exclusive industry needs. Sofa is essential for every family now. so the tailoring of sofa fabric needs special attention. The co2 laser cutter and engraver for sofa can solve this problem and develop the sofa industry rapidly.

Generally speaking, 100w co2 laser cutter is good enough for cutting leather and fabric. But if users want to have a better effect like higher precision, faster speed, we wold like to recommend you the 150w co2 laser cutter. even more, we could offer the machine with two heads acocording to the needs of customers.

All in all, using co2 laser cutter to make sofa cloth of leather or fabric will be a leading trend for both China and foreign markert. So in order to be in line with the markt direction, Dekcel cnc company has been developping various co2 laser cutting machine, such as Nonmetal auto focus co2 laser cutter and engraver and Cnc laser cutting paper,acrylic, leather etc nonmetal material .

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