30w portable cnc marker co2 laser machine for glass bottle printing industry
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30w portable cnc marker co2 laser machine for glass bottle printing industry

cnc co2 laser marker is designed for printing on a lot of materials such as wood, glass, plastic, paper,leather,acrylic, almost all the nonmetalic materails. Of course cnc laser marking machine has its advantages especially on baby's glass feeding bottle. Let's check it out.
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 Nowadays,the products of co2 laser cnc marker are crowded in our daily life,for almost everything available to us is related to cnc co2 laser marker.For instance,the electronic appliance,the snacks'packaging,the light cover, the jewelry,the keyboard letters,etc,all of these are printed by laser marking equipment.In addition,cnc co2 laser marking machine is perfectly used for printing scale and manufacturer logo on baby's glass feeding bottle.

 As to the traditional label and logo printing methods,the label will become blurred and faded,what's more it maybe dissolved when the bottle is cleaned by boiled water.But co2 laser marker on baby's glass feeding bottle has a lot of advantages:

1.High Durability of laser printing

The laser module has a long service life(greater than 100,000 hours;while the traditional lamp pump YAG can only serve hundreds of hours and the semiconductor can serve 20,000 hours or so).

2.Low consumption of laser marker

Due to the all air-cooled design,no consumable materials and free of maintenance,it has a low cost at use. Furthermore,it saves energy with a total power below of 0.5kw.Although one-time investment is higher,through continuous,a large number of processing can make each part cost is extremely low,thus create high benefit.

3.High speed of cnc laser marking machine

It applies imported high-speed galvanometer scanning head,which has greatly reduced the latency and increased the marking speed,which is 3 to 10 times of the fist generation of traditional lamp-pumped marker and the second-generation of semiconductor marker (depend on the marking material). 

4.Good safety of co2 laser marker

Laser is processed in the non-mechanical "tool",no mechanical extrusion and stress for the glass bottlel,no tool wear,no toxic and pollution.

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5.Easy to operate of cnc marker co2 laser 

Computer numerical control technology enables automated processing.As a part of the flexible manufacturing system,it could be applied in the production line with high speed and efficiency 

In current,glass bottle engraving machine using the latest UV 3D technology,can realize rapid engraving of glass bottles with different sizes,different shapes,automatic loading and unloading system as an option,making it is possible to realize totally automatic production.

If you have any questions about the laser marking machine,please contact us.We are happy to provide you good consulting service and professional advice. 

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