1625 digital oscillating knife cutter cutting carton box rubber carpet mat
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1625 digital oscillating knife cutter cutting carton box rubber carpet mat

Carton box are what we can see everywhere in our lives. And there are many uses of carton box.
The convenience that carton box brings to us can be imagined. For example, a lot of glass products without cartons box, can be easily broken. And for example another, household appliances, no carton box, it is very easy to damp. So we can see the importance of carton box. But, as a manufacturer of carton box, do you want to choose a suitable machine for your works with good quality.

1625 digital oscillating knife cutter cutting carton box box rubber carpet mat

Carton boxes have many kinds. According to different materials, It can be divided into corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes and so on. There are also various specifications and models. And carton box are commonly used three, five, seven layers. No matter what your materials of carton box,

the DEKCEL 1625 digital oscillating knife cutter can cut carton box for your business.

The sample of carton box Dekcel digital oscillating knife cutter cutting

1625 TroCUTCAD control system oscillating knife cutter carton box carpet mat cutting machine.jpg

Now i will introduce some information about digital carton box oscillating knife cutter

1. the digital knife cutter has six axis motor-controlled cnc system performs with high speed and accuracy

2. cutting depth adjustable at any time.

3. the parameter setting is simple, different materials, as long as adjust the thickness and speed can be processed.

4. you can easily expand the functions of the upgrade device and load new modules.

5. Dekcel oscillating knife cutter can cut different materials (corrugated paper, cardboard, rubber board, gray board color, composite paper, gasket, leather and cloth, etc.).

6. fold the line function: can fold the perfect folding line in the corrugated paper, cardboard, rubber board and other materials.

7. cut line function: used for corrugated paper and paperboard half cut after folding, dotted cutting function. 

8. positioning function: use laser light to locate accurately.

9. drawing function: can draw all kinds of pattern with  high precision

 Draw lines, drawings, text marks, indentation, half knife cutting, full knife cutting, completed at one time.

 Used in corrugated board cutting, proofing, carton box, POP plastic box proofing paper display shelf paper proofing, small batch production.

 Instead of the traditional paper carton, color box, paper display manual design and proofing, shortening the development time; meet the low volume, huge order, multi style production target.

 The ultra high frequency vibration cutting technology, to eliminate the drawbacks of manual cutting and punching machine is not standard, the limited precision of the laser cutting machine / burnt smell.


Hope to Dekcel 1625 oscillating knife cutter can be helpful for your business. And DEK-1825 Oscillating knife cutting machine for cardboard/carton box/corrugated board maybe you need

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