1530 table type cnc plasma cutter machine for 15mm carbon steel plate/tube
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1530 table type cnc plasma cutter machine for 15mm carbon steel plate/tube

Plasma cnc cutter is a machine designed for cutting all kinds of metal materials,and as to cutting depth, cnc plasma cutter can cut 1-30mm carbon steel plates with different power supply. When it comes to carbon steel tube cutting,the rotary device will be needed.
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Carbon steel cut by cnc plasma cuttersimple introduction:

According to the carbon proportion,carbon steel can be divided into 45,65Mn,08F,and so on.

Common carbon steel and its application:

(1) 08F,low carbon content,good plasticity,low strength,used for stamping parts such as automotive parts and instrument shell;

(2) 20,good plasticity and weldability,used for carburizing parts without high strength requirements,such as hood, welding containers,small shaft,nuts,washers and carburizing gear;

(3) 45,40Mn,a good mechanical properties after quenching and tempering,used for gears,connecting rod,tool spindles;

(4) 60,65Mn steel,high strength used for the manufacture of various springs,locomotive rim,low-speed wheels.

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How to cut carbon steel tubes?

In order to cut carbon steel with neat cutting edges and high speed,we dekcel company created cnc plasma cutter.In order to cut carbon steel plates and carbon steel tubes both,cnc plasma cutting machine is equipped with a rotary system,which is usually put beside the working table,so that the working area for carbon steel plates is still 1500mm*3000mm.If you want to cut tubes,just move the plasma cutting head to the position above the rotary device.If cut plates,move the cutting head above the working table,all this process is automatical.

How to choose power supply?

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We dekcelcnc plasma metal cutting machine adopts two brands power supply,one is demostic Haiyuan power supply,the other is imported USA Hypertherm power supply,both are famous brands and has good quality.

Different power supply can cut different depth of carbon steel:

Take Hypertherm power supply for example:

45A,65A,85A,105A,125A,200A can respectively cut maximum 6mm,12mm,16mm,18mm,20mm,30mm carbon steel.

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