1325 cheap wood cnc router for circular wood with rotary price
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1325 cheap wood cnc router for circular wood with rotary price

Maybe you heard of wood engraving cnc router,but have you ever heard of circular wood cnc router or cnc router with rotary device? If you are a wood furniture manufacturer,how do you engrave round stair rail or other circular wood?
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When it comes to wood cnc router with rotary device,there exist two plans about where to put the rotary device. Can you think of these two methods for wood cnc router machine?In this article,i will make a detailed comparison between these two plans form the aspects of advantages and disadvantages.

Plan one:

This is Dek-1325 wood cnc routing machine with aluminum T-slot working table.The rotary system is put beside the industrial cnc wood router table but much more lower than the working platform,under this situation,you don't need make the Z axis higher,but still can realize cnc router for cylinder wood carving with big diameter.However this plan cannot ensure wood cnc router table for wood plate or sheets is still 1300mm*2500mm.

wood engraving cnc router with rotary device.jpg

Plan 2:

The rotary device is independent from the whole cnc wood router machine.Whenever you need to engrave on circular wood,put the rotary device on the table,if you don't need to,then put the rotary system dowm.As to this plan,the Z axis of wood cnc router machine is neeeded to be higher so that you can engrave circular wood with big diameter. But this plan,it can ensures that the working table of wood cnc routing machine is still 1300mm*25mm for the wood plate engraving.

As for the rotary device models,we dekcel cnc equipment company can provide as follows:

rotary device diameter   rotary device length

    80mm              300/600/900/1200/2400mm

    125mm             600/900/1200/2400mm

    160mm             600/900/1200/2400mm

    200mm             600/900/1200/2400mm

    250mm             600/900/1200/2400mm

    310mm             600/900/1200/2400mm

If you are intersted in wood cnc router with rotary for circular wood,please contact us.We can not only be your business partner,but also your good friends.

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