1325 T-slot wood engraving cnc router for furniture industry
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1325 T-slot wood engraving cnc router for furniture industry

1325 T-slot table wood engraving cnc router is a cnc machine designed for furniture,as a cnc wood router user or potential buyer,how much do you know about how to correctly operate and maintain it? How to create great profit and save maintenance cost? Hope this article will help you.
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In this article,it illustrates the operation notes and maintenance solution of1325 cnc router wood engraving from the following five aspects.

1.working environmental conditions 

Cnc router China wood carving machine as a high-tech electromechanical integration equipment,has certain requirements to the working environment. 

1)Avoid the signal disturbance for cnc wood router machine from the nearby transmission equipments,such as welding machine,signal tower and don't do cnc router wood engraving installation at rainy day. 

2)Use three power supply to ensure the good grounding of wood cnc engraving machine and reduce the interference. 

3)Stable voltage,according tocnc router wood engraving instructions, cnc router machine should avoid large fluctuations,it is better to use voltage regulators. 

4)Cnc wood engraving machine engraver cutter router cannot work in a strong-acid or strong-alkali environment for long hours.

2.daily maintenance 

During the processing of cnc router wood carving machine,it will bring about some powder,dust,please clean the working table,guide rail,ball screw transmission and lubrication system regularly.

3.software compatibility

Dekcel cnc router wood engraving has good compatibility,supporting Thai sculpture,Casmate-pro,Caxa,Mastercam, Artcam,Smartcam,Type3 and so on softwares.In order to achieve good cnc router wood engraving results,please select the correct operation software.

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4.processing notes 

1)the selection of processing technology 

In order to ensure the cnc router wood engraving quality,please pay attention to the processing technology,choose the most exquisite processing technology.

2)Tools selection

3)As we know,there are a number of router tools for cnc router wood carving machine,engraving different patterns on different materials is in need of the specific tools.

5.operators training 

Operators have some responsibilities for the ultimate engraving effects.It is better to train the workers once a week to be more professional at cnc router wood engraving instructions.

If you want to know more about the operation notes or daily maintenance to the cnc router wood engraving machine,we are happy to be there for you.Thanks for your time.

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