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1325 T- slot table Granite stone carving cnc router for pattern
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1325 T- slot table Granite stone carving cnc router for pattern

Marble is very beautiful after polished. The utility model is mainly used for processing all kinds of shaped materials and plates, and is used as the walls, floors, platforms and columns of buildings and is also used for commemorative buildings, such as tablets, pagodas, statues, etc.. Marble can also be carved into arts and crafts, stationery, lamps, utensils and other practical works of art.

1325 T- slot table Granite stone carving cnc router for pattern

1325 T- slot table stone carving router can be used in natural stone, glass and ceramics for calligraphy and painting of high-tech automatic computer-controlled engraving equipment. Granite stone carving cnc router can be carved in stone, ceramic tile, calligraphy and painting, art design which can meet the personalized requirements with decoration. 1325 cnc carving router can be used as decoration, handicraft industry, stone industry, ceramics company advanced engraving equipment. In recent years, granite stone carving engraving router has been developed rapidly.

Major function:

Stone letter engraving, stone relief, stone line engraving, stone hollow and son on.

Main features:

1. fast, high precision, stability, small noise, long service life.

2. the bed is welding bed, using full welding process and vibration aging treatment. To ensure that the machine does not shake at high speed operation, constant knife and the product processing surface height is smooth.

3. high power transverse torque spindle, large bearing, high speed, large amount of chip, and the motor is not easy to damage.

1325 T-slot granite stone cnc carving router.

Application area:

Applicable to stone industry, stone processing industry, art relief, advertising industry, decoration industry, ceramics industry and so on.

Applicable materials:

Marble, granite, jade, bluestone, black stone and other ceramic materials, as well as ceramics, glass, PVC board, aluminum plate, bamboo and other materials.

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