1325 Reci 150w cnc co2 laser cutter for 1mm stainless steel and 20mm acrylic
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1325 Reci 150w cnc co2 laser cutter for 1mm stainless steel and 20mm acrylic

We dekcel cnc laser provide a new design cnc co2 laser machine for cutting metal such as stainless steel carbon steel etc.and nonmetal materials such as wood,MDF,acrylic,etc.Simple question.If i want to cut both metal materials and nonmetal materials,what cnc machines should i buy ?
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Dekcel cnc laser cutter for stainless steel adopts Reci laser tube 150w from Beijing / EFR laser tube form beijing and Yongli laser tube from Jilin.As you know, different laser tube power can cut different materials of different depth. Normally the laser tube power is 40w, 60w, 80w, 100w, 130w,150w,260w etc. And generally speaking,it is more  suitable for engraving if the laser tube power is less than 80w; We Dekcel cnc equipment company suggest water pump or CW3000 to cool the laser tube. It is much suitable for cutting materials if the laser tube power bigger than 80w. CW5000 and CW 5200 will be needed for cooling the laser tube.

AS for Reci 150w cnc co2 laser cutter is able to do a great job in cutting metal and nonmetal materials. Normally fiber laser cutting machine with big power and cnc plasma cutter are designed for cutting all kinds of metals. But compared withcnc co2 laser cutter,fiber laser cutting machine is much more expensive, and the cnc plasma cutter cannot reach the great cutting accuracy just as co2 laser. Reci 150w cnc co2 laser cutter can cut 1.5mm stainless steel and 2mm carbon steel and 20mm wood,20mm MDF and 20mm acrylic. This co2 laser cutting equipment is amazing,not only economical,but also can do much more jobs than other laser machines.

Reci 150w cnc co2 laser cutter for metal and nonmetal

CNC cutter   Reci150w co2 laser is suitable for cutting nearly all kinds of metal and non-mental material: stainless steel,carbon steel, acrylic, plywood,die board, MDF,plastics,leather,rubber,perspex,glass,wood,stone,marble,gravestone,fabric,paper,cloth,dual-colour boards.etc. All this is owing to the moving laser head,auto adjust distance between materials and laser mouth.600℃ heat treatment, 24 hours cooling in the oven,8 meters gantry milling,accurate argon shielded arc welding,to make sure 20 years usage without deformation.

If you are interested in cnc co2 laser cutting for metal and nonmetal,please kindly contract with us. Your satisfaction is my ambition.

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