0609 good quality small cnc wood router machine for MDF
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0609 good quality small cnc wood router machine for MDF

0609 cnc engraving wood router is designed for carving all kinds of wood,such as MDF,double color plates,solid wood, PE,PVC etc. This is a good news for wood furniture industry,for 0609 mini cnc woodworking machine can engrave excellent patterns on the rare materials.
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 0609 small cnc router for wood has a working table of 900mm*600mm,although small cnc wood router is very small,but it has all the necessary parts as cnc router wood carving machine,such as you can choose either water-cooling spindle or air-cooling spindle,domestic stepper motor or servo motor or imported Japanese servo motor,DSP control system or NC studio control system,T-slot aluminum working table or vacuum table or both,gear and rack transmission or ball screw transmission etc.Furthermore,you can also choose cnc router for wood carving's color as you like.If you want to do some complex patterns on MDF wood,automatic tool change system 0609 cnc woodworking machine will be needed.Please don't look down the importance of small cnc wood router machinee,for 0609 small woodworking cnc router has a wide applications,such as cutting solide wood,composite wood,acrylic,double color plates,aluminum,copper etc,engraving marble,granite,sandstone,MDF,etc.Cheap 0609 small cheap cnc wood router has been applied in the advertising industry,artwork industry,soft metal industry, electronic industry etc.

 How to choose the small cnc wood router table?

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 First of all,there are two types working table of 0609 small cnc wood router for you to choose.Normally you can choose T-slot aluminum table or vacuum working table or both.As for T-slot aluminum table,you need material hoder to fix the processing material.But for vacuum table of cnc router for wood carving,all you need is a vacuum pump for sucking the materials on the table.However,if cutting aluminum or engrave stones,the water tank will be needed,at this situation,the vacuum table is not recommmed,for the water flowing for a long time will damage the vacuum table and shorten the lifetime of cnc router for wood cutting.

 In this article,we just share this little points about industrial cnc wood router machine with you,if you have other question of small cnc wood router for sale,you can send message to us in the home page of this website. 

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