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CCD visual fabric logo trademark label cnc laser cutter machine
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CCD visual fabric logo trademark label cnc laser cutter machine

Dekcel CCD logo laser cutter is the new models and automatic intelligent cutting machine,Unique recognition modes of featured point positioning cutting, automatic cutting with contour capturing and Marker point positioning and professional CCD camera enable fast recognition speed and high cutting efficiency.
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Dekcel CCD visual fabric logo trademark label cnc laser cutter machine

label ccd laser cutter machine


CCD fabric laser cutter machines are specially for deformation of cloth,in the camera positioning visual system and cutting down the software work ,CCD laser cutting machine can compensate automatically to pinpoint deformation of the fabric and ensure the accuracy of cutting ,the laser cutting machine with automatic camera positioning will search for the work piece which is processed after the picture is imported into computer by the vision system machine,it can prevent the inaccuracy of the cutting correctly. Because of the powerful DSP technology of high-end data processing ,specific design and precise machinery, software of mechanical system,meticulous in high-speed operation conditions ,cutting lines and curves no deformation rapid continuous curvilinear cutting function.


ccd visual laser cutter machine


Detailed configuration of CCD camera laser cutter machine : 

1. 8.0 million pixel high-resolution CCD camera that can accurately identify the edge.

2. DPS control systems,stable performance.

3. 128M high-capacity memory,faster analytic.

4. Germany imports stepper motor.

5. South Korea,imported a balanced linear guideway.

6. USB2.0 data transfer interface.

7. Chinese LCD screen humane control panel.

8. Domestic 70/80W kaser.

9. High-strength stainless steel honeycomb floor platform.


80w CCD laser cutting machine control


Trademark label CCD canera laser machine parameters


DEK- 1390 CCD label cutting machine

Working area


Laser tube power


Max. cutting speed


Laser type

CO2 laser tube RECI

Time of laser tube

10000 hours

Work table

Electric up and down / Honeycomb table / Blade table

CCD camera

8 megapixel 

Position  precision


Laser tube cooling

Water cooling

Power supply

110V/220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz

Drive mode

Stepper motor

Design software

CorelDraw, AutoCAD (compatible), Photoshop

Picture format supported


Communication interface


Operating system



Air pump



Control software

Trocut CAD

Standard accessories

1. Laser cutting software, Qiancheng.
2. Blade table,honey comb

3. USB cable 4. Exhaust fan 5.Water chiller

6. Air pump 7. Imported 1 lens and 3 mirrors 8. Laser tube installed in the machine 

9. Tool box that you need to repair or maintenance 

10. User manual of machine that tell you how to run the machine and also about the problems and solutions

Optional parts

1. Up and down platform 2. Rotary attachment 3. Auto focus 4. Honeycomb table


Dekcel visual laser cutter machine is specialized to meet the need of high accuracy cutting for label industry. To cooperate with our professional software and mature technology of CCD visual system, it can accurately cut all kind labels, including irregular label, printed label, electronic panel, mask, textile brand, woven label, cutting after embroidering of embroidery,logo.trademark ,didgital printing kt board and etc. 


We can provide the complete solution for CCD visual cutting.

CCD visual laser cutter machine Applicable Materials:
The leather, cloth anticipates, rubber, fabric, textile, PU, plastics, paper, bag clothing, shoe ,foam,kt board,printed borad ,banner flag etc. most of nonmetal materials.
Applicable Industry:
Dekcel visual laser cutter machine with camera is applicable to printed brand,electronic panel,mask,textile brand(woven label),cutting after embroidering of embroidery and such multitudinous industrialization application.

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2. logo cutting by CCD laser machine
3. digital printing board cutting by CCD laser machine
4. printed marks CCD laser cutting machine
5. CCD banner flag laser cutter machine

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